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The Boomhouses represent a living part of Maine's rich Lumber heritage.

This brief video presents a snapshot overview of River Driving in Maine.

This charming and informative 9 minute video takes you on a canoe trip to the Ambajejus Boomhouse and back again. The video is courtesy of Herb Crosby who is a volunteer at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley, Maine. Thanks for sharing this with us Herb!

Join Chuck Harris, a former River Driver, and current curator and caretaker for the Ambajejus and Chesuncook Boomhouses, as he paints a picture with words of life as a River Driver.

Filmed by Dave Rand

Northern Maine was at one time the lumber capital of the world. In this 6 minute video we learn about the hardships of early logging and how Maine’s rivers were used as highways by the river drivers who moved logs down the rivers of Maine. Working from bateaus, dynamiting log jams and towing logs to the mills were all in a day's work for a Penobscot River Driver.  Take a step back in history and visit the Boomhouses – an important part of Maine’s Logging and River Driver Heritage. Video courtesy of New England Outdoor Center

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