Cook Wanted Boomhouse
Woodsman Memorial

Located on an island on Ambajejus Lake, the Ambajejus Boomhouse should be accessed by boat. The Museum reopens in May each year.

The “Boom House” at Ambajejus Lake is the second of two such buildings. It sits on an island at the point where the West Branch of the Penobscot empties into the lower lakes of the Pemadumcook chain. The current structure was built in 1907. It is a one and a half story frame building with a bunk room for 14 men. The building has been carefully restored and maintained by Chuck Harris our Curator prior to the formation of the West Branch Historical Preservation Committee. The Building and artifacts in it impart a feel for the conditions in which the men lived and worked in the early days.

Chuck Harris the Museum Curator, is responsible for the majority of care and upkeep of the museums. From Chuck ” I am caretaker, curator of a River driving History Museum on Ambajejus Lake. This spot has been on the National Register of Historic Places for forty years. This structure was a 1906 Building moved thirteen miles up to the mouth of the West Branch Penobscot River by great Northern Paper Company and used to house the Booming Crews until 1971. My caretaker work has been through my work with the woodlands dept., GNP Co. From that period on, artist/river driver is my main background. For over 40 years hundreds of people out boating on Ambajejus stop into the Boom house to experience the history of the area.”